Do you really love trekking? Then you just need to visit the Himalayas trek to explore adventure in your life. We are here to provide you with the best Himalayan trekking tours. We are here to provide you with exciting packages of trekking and expeditions. Why people need to choose our tour packages:


In the one hand ‘Money matters’ on the other hand ‘Money does not matter’. However, affordability is one of the most important things. Our tour packages for Himalaya trekking are quite affordable in comparison to others. We just take genuine charges from our tourists and do not burn them with hidden charges.

Assurance of complete safety

Safety is our first most vital concern. We provide assurance for the complete safety of tourists during the Dolpo Trekking. We follow all the safety guidelines which are set by the government for the Himalayas region.

Excellent food

Food is most essential component during trek. We are dedicated to providing excellent food to the traveller. We believe in providing nutritious, fresh and tasty meals to travellers. We have our own team of cooks which can provide you with the best meal during the travel.


We also provide you with the best place to take a rest during the complete trip. You will get a complete place to take a rest and take a nap and feel fresh. In order to get more information about our complete tour packages, you can visit our official website anytime. We are here to make your trip the most memorable one by providing excellent services during Dolpo region Trek.

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