When you and your partner know that you are pregnant, you will feel like you have reached your initial goal of becoming parents. It will be difficult for some couples to conceive and easy for healthy couples to conceive. 

Enormous responsibilities and attention is needed after confirming your pregnancy as positive. Pregnancy is always considered a risk for the mother. As you are a couple who wishes to expand your family, it is essential to be ready physically, psychologically, and socially to welcome the newborn. 

Things to consider before going for a pregnancy

It is essential to have a stable life before expanding your family. Both the partners needed to adapt their physical and psychological status to become parents. If you are a couple who have become parents early, you need to prepare the siblings to adapt to their new life. 

What is preconception care?

The healthcare you need to receive before pregnancy is known as preconception care. Before conceiving, there are several things to know as a couple. The knowledge and the services you receive during the preconception care may ensure the safety of the mother and the baby. 

When you wish to have a safe pregnancy and delivery, you must receive preconception care from your healthcare institute. Primarily the mother’s health status is assessed, and necessary interventions will be taken to reduce the risk during and after the pregnancy. 

Preconception care always tries to deliver a healthy baby with zero complications. So it is vital to be aware of preconception care before going into a pregnancy. If you are already tested positive for a pregnancy test, now is the time to receive prenatal care services.

What do you need to do after confirming the pregnancy?

What is prenatal care?

As a pregnant woman, you are requested to receive special healthcare known as prenatal care. The healthcare you receive aiming to ensure the safety of you, and your pregnancy from conception to delivery is known as prenatal care.

During prenatal care, the healthcare providers will address your issues identified during preconception care. They will arrange and decide your treatments, investigations, and other diagnostic procedures based on your status. 

Your delivery expected delivery date and delivery process would be decided during prenatal care by considering the risk factors and the health status of the mother and fetus. 

It is crucial to participate in prenatal clinics to deliver a healthy baby.

What lifestyle changes do you need to make after a positive pregnancy test?

Your physical, emotional, and psychological health status may affect the growing baby’s health. Therefore, making certain changes in your life after getting pregnant is essential. In this context, both mother and father are responsible for adapting their life to the new situation. 

Quit smoking, drugs, and alcohol usage

Smoking and drug consumption are highly contraindicated during pregnancy. Even second-hand smoking may expose the baby to toxic gas emitted during smoking. Smoking and drug consumption may induce preterm labor and congenital disabilities. 

The growing fetus/ your baby receives blood from the mother’s circulation. If the mother consumes alcohol, the alcoholic blood may enter the baby’s circulation and may Couse complications after the birth. Don’t make your innocent baby in trouble. If you fail to quit such bad habits, both you and the baby may suffer in the future.

Obtain prenatal vitamins

You will bleed during the delivery. So to compensate for the blood loss, you need to maintain a good hemoglobin level. So discuss with your health care provider to obtain the required dose of iron and vitamin c.

Folic acid has been identified as an essential prenatal vitamin as it reduces the congenital disabilities associated with the spinal code. It is recommended to obtain folic acid six months before your pregnancy. If you fail to get folic acid before conceiving, you are still not late. Obtain your folic acid dose after consulting your gynecologist. 

Maintain your oral health

A few weeks after confirming your pregnancy, you will experience early morning symptoms. This is a period where you will increase the chance of getting gum and diseases associated with the oral cavity. place an appointment with your dentist to have  check your oral health. Poor oral health may lead to poor pregnancy outcomes. 

Make adjustments in your daily routine.

It is vital to have some changes. Too much rest or too much work will not be suitable. You need to have physical as well as psychological rest during the pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is a new experience for both partners. So you can separate your time discussing and planning your future. Engage in some exercises unless it is contraindicated. 

Obtain good nutrition

Your fetus will receive nutrition from your circulation. Therefore you need to obtain more nutrition than you consume early. The majority will misunderstand and keep getting excessive calories throughout pregnancy. Try to receive micro and macronutrients in the required amount to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Can it be a false positive pregnancy test?

If you are a woman under fertility treatments, there is a chance of getting false positive tests. Fertility drugs may contain HCG hormone when you undergo a pregnancy tests within a few days of fertility treatments. The pregnancy test may provide positive results without a pregnancy.


Confirm your pregnancy with the help of your physician. Try to enjoy the pregnancy by moving forward and following the instructions to have a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. 

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