Meta description — The best answer? You can have accurate pregnancy results after a missed period. You can repeat the pregnancy test if you are unsure about the results.

If you wish to have your baby, waiting to attend your pregnancy test may be exciting. Although you try to know the pregnancy results as soon as possible, it takes some time to provide accurate results. When you take a pregnancy test too soon, there is a greater tendency to get false results, making you and the partner disappointed.

Simply, you can test yourself with the help of a home pregnancy test , or else you have to get support from the laboratory services to test your pregnancy.

What is a pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test is a test conducted aiming to detect whether a woman is pregnant or not. The test results are based on the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG). HCG is not released soon after conception. It takes around six days to produce HCG hormone.

There are other specific materials to detect pregnancy. Still, none of them are accurate as an immunoassay of HCG hormone. An ultrasound scan can be used to detect the pregnancy, but the embryo takes time to appear in the ultrasound scan.

Non-pregnant women also contain some amount of HCG in their blood and urine. After the implantation, the blastocyst starts producing HCG hormone, and it becomes detectable in blood six to seven days after the fertilization. But HCG appears sooner in the urine. Urine HCG can be detectable within three to four days after implantation.

When should I take a pregnancy examination for the best results?

Before the approximate next menstrual day

Taking a pregnancy test early may provide wrong results. A pregnancy test before the expected date of menstruation can Couse inaccurate results.

Wrong results may provide incorrect details regarding the Ovulation. So the women think that she is not pregnant yet. These women may misunderstand implantation bleeding as their menstruation. Although the implantation bleeding appears as vaginal spots, a lack of knowledge will make them confirm their menstruation. In such cases, they will be unaware of the pregnancy until they experience pregnancy symptoms.

After completing two weeks after an intercourse

If you wait for two weeks to have the test, it provides you the accurate results. You can do the test yourself with the help of the home pregnancy test kit . A two-week period is enough to elevate the urine and blood HCG level to a detectable level.

We assume that you have a regular menstrual cycle. Then only you will ovulate in the mid of your cycle. If you are a woman with an even menstrual cycle, it is complicated to predict the ovulation date.

After missing the next menstruation

When you know that you have already reached the expected menstruation date and still do not experience the menstruation, now is the best time to have the Ovulation tests . If your results are equivocal, repeat the test the following day.

Try to have the home test early in the morning when you wake up. The HCG level will be more concentrated in the early morning urine, providing more accurate results.

After confirming your pregnancy with the urine HCG test , you can go for a blood HCG test called beta HCG. Repeating the beta HCG after 48hours may ensure your pregnancy’s viability as it doubles every 48hours.

How do I confirm my pregnancy?

After a home pregnancy test, you can meet your physician with the test results. So the physician may continue further investigations to confirm the gestational age of your pregnancy. The necessary medical advice and the state of your pregnancy can be maintained with the help of your physician.

Positive urine and blood HCG results always indicate pregnancy. Still, to confirm your pregnancy, you need to participate in an ultrasound scan confirming your pregnancy and its location.

In rare cases, the embryo can develop outside the uterus, which is an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is an emergency, and it threatens the mother’s life. Even ectopic pregnancies will produce HCG hormone. So after a positive HCG test, it is essential to meet the physician for further investigations.

What should I do after getting a negative test result?

Although you are already pregnant, there is a possibility of having a negative result. So it is recommended to repeat the lh ovulation test after two-three days.

You can miss your periods due to many reasons. A missing period does not confirm that you are pregnant. But if you miss the period, you can have the Fertility test to exclude the Ovulation.

Hormonal changes, stress, and climate changes can alter the date of menstruation. When you expect a pregnancy, it is essential to be alert and have a test at the right time.


As it take time for the developing embryo to produce HCG. Take your pregnancy test after missing the menstruation. After confirming the pregnancy meet your doctor for further investigations to make sure the pregnancy is viable.

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