Full height turnstiles have a mechanism and a chassis that make up their mechanical system. The column, guardrail, and upper box make up the chassis. Then mechanism comprises a rotating rod, an electromagnet, an encoder, and a motor reducer.

1)    Turn on the full height turnstile system’s power source. The system powers on for self-inspection and then goes into standby mode.

2)    Pedestrians must give the full height turnstile control motherboard authorized door opening signals (card swiping and door opening signals of the access control system and door opening button signal of the full height turnstile system).

3)    The turnstile control board transmits the control signal to the motor board and electromagnet after

receiving the lawful door opening signal in the in/out direction. As a result, the turnstile blocking rod rotates where the entrance opens when the turnstile is unlock in the in/out direction, requiring the pedestrian to push the blocking rod to pass.

4)    The turnstile control main board delivers command signals to the motor control board and electromagnet when the pedestrian passage has been finish.

5)    The system will lock the rotating rod and prevent pedestrians from crossing if they enter the corridor

without giving a valid door opening signal and pushing it. Have any questions? Contact the Full Height Turnstile Manufacturers today for Tripod Access Control System and Flap Barrier Turnstile.

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