When electronic components are attach to a PCB. So, it is call Printed Circuit Assembly. It is d only after a Circuit Boards Assembly has been creates entirely.

Various techniques are available to attach electronic components to printed circuit boards. So, However, surface mount and through-the-hole technology are mostly combine on a single Circuit Board Design. It is because of the availability of very few electronic components in surface mount packages.

Though, high volume production is executes by machine placement. Printed Circuit Assembly is uses to connect and support electronic components mechanically. It is did using conductive pathways or traces engraved from the laminated copper sheers onto a non-conductive substrate.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly emerged in the 60s and evolves. It is widely uses. In surface mount technology, parts have metal tabs and can be solder easily to the board. Furthermore, higher circuit densities can be achieve if components are attaches on both sides of the circuit. Then This technology involves custom metalwork, wire harnesses and looms, cable assembly, and molded plastics. It is did to create Circuit Board Assembly.

Hence, manufacturers should provide their customers with effective and efficient Printed Circuit Assembly service. This will not only keep the customers happy but also help the manufacturer gain trust and goodwill in the market.

SCSPCBA is part of the SUCCESS GROUP, with over 17 years of experience in the manufacture of PCBs, we specialize in the manufacture and assembly of flexible PCB products, increasing the capacity of flexible PCBs up to 10-layer boards and rigid-flexible PCBs up to 2-18 layers.

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