If you don’t already own a tweed suit, it would be an excellent thing for you to invest in for the fall and winter months. A tweed suit is perfect for your fabulous weather wardrobe because its pieces can be incorporated separately into your wardrobe, as well as worn all together.

So what is tweed, exactly? Well, it is a somewhat rough-to-the-touch wool fabric. It originated in Scotland and has a rather loose weave, making it very comfortable and flexible. The word “tweed” itself refers to the fabric’s weave rather than the fabric’s pattern. So when you see different types of tweeds, this describes the pattern in which it has been woven. For example, the most popular type of tweed is Harris Tweed, which has a rich overall color due to subtle flecks of purple, red, and orange within the fabric. Herringbone is also popular in tweed, characterized by its diagonal v-shaped weave, usually in black and white.

Now one thing men often overlook when it comes to Tweed Jackets suits is that they are great for mixing and matching. For example, a two-piece suit allows you to mix it in three ways: wearing the pants separately, wearing the jacket separately, or wearing both suit pieces together. However, by adding just one additional piece and purchasing a three-piece tweed suit, you can suddenly turn three pieces into seven different options to wear: you can wear the pants, the vest separately, the jacket separately, the pants and vest together, the vest and jacket together, the pants and jacket together, or all three pieces together. That is a lot of options out of one suit!

Tweed Men’s Jacket UK is a textured fabric, it immediately conveys an image of richness and warmth when you wear it. It makes a three-piece tweed suit great for your fall and winter formal events. If you intend to wear all pieces together, look for a neutral tweed, such as a dark brown Harris Tweed. The natural bits of color in the fabric will lend interest to your outfit. To bring out these colors, choose a tie in a color that is seen in the fabric when you look at it close up. For example, a three-piece Harris Tweed suit in dark brown would look excellent with a burgundy-colored button-down shirt and a gold and burgundy diagonally striped tie.

Now, you can incorporate the individual pieces of this suit into your look for just about any occasion. For example, try Harris Tweed Jacket UK, a blue and white pin-striped button-down shirt, your tweed suit pants, and a plaid tie for a day at the office. Or, pair navy wool trousers with a gray button-down shirt and the suit vest. For a casual weekend look, throw on your suit pants with a navy cashmere sweater, and loop a scarf around your neck. Or, to add warmth while still looking sophisticated, throw a rust-colored sweater vest over a white button-up shirt, and layer your suit jacket on top.

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