Patients with diabetes are exposed to high risks as diabetic foot ulcers, infections can cause multiple complications. Diabetic Wound Care NYC increases the chances of getting hospitalized also the need for surgery and leg amputation rises at a higher rate.

Working with patients to heal their Diabetic Foot Care in Brooklyn or wounds comes with complications as patients tend to feel numbness in their feet. The soreness can begin from the small scrap and leads to causing a deep ulcer.

Here are the tips to care the diabetic foot wound

Monitor the Blood Sugar Levels

Patients with diabetes are advised to monitor their blood glucose levels. It is important to heal the foot wound. When the blood gulcose levels are high it prevents the white cells from healing tissues as high glucose levels can limit the blood flow around and affect the healing process. The healing of the wound doesn’t happen instantly it requires comprehensive care.

Diabetic Wound Care NYC

Keep the Wound covered and moist

The air in the wound can cause damage when you air it out it allows the wound to heal quicker if there is a moist layer under the bandage. The proper care requires cleaning with saline, applying ointment, and also wrapping the wound with the clean gauze dressing.

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