Polycarbonate sheets are mainly installed as roofing panels. You can search for quality sheet panels manufactured by Foshan Tonon Building Materials Co. Ltd. They manufacture top-quality sheets for all types of roofing systems.


Before you buy a solid polycarbonate sheet you may have to focus on its salient features. These features help distinguish one sheet from the other.


You can look around for a 4 to 6mm polycarbonate sheet. This means that when it comes to thickness, you have many options.

Sheets having thickness in-between 4 to 6 mm are the best for any roofing system. You can search for polycarbonate hollow sheet online as well.

Polycarbonate hollow sheet


The size of the sheet might vary from one brand to another. You need to look for a solid polycarbonate sheet depending on your needs.

You can purchase a full-length sheet and cut it using a simple saw machine.

UV protection

You are certainly going to install the sheet on the roof. 6mm polycarbonate sheet offers the best UV protection.

A sheet with less thickness may offer less insulation. You can also search for a polycarbonate hollow sheet that can be stuffed with insulating material. It is necessary to check with the warranty period as well before buying.

Always focus on quality sheets. In general, the sheets are designed to last for a minimum of ten to fifteen years. They also need less maintenance.

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