GEB Battery is an accomplished organization in assembling various types of lithium batteries. Our batteries are essential batteries that have metallic lithium as an anode. Various kinds of batteries are additionally allud to as Lithium Ion Battery Pack-metal batteries. Our batteries are great for fueling regular gadgets.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

It batteries are lightweight when contrasted with other battery-powered batteries. Our batteries are gather and make out of numerous cells, similar to lead-corrosive batteries and other battery types. We have a high level scope of battery innovation that involves lithium particles as a basic part of its electrochemistry. Therefore, our lithium battery power supply is adequate, new energy batteries, and great fixing.


Icr18650 is a Li-Ion battery-power battery with 3000 mAh Battery Capacity. Our batteries are energize to 4.2V to somewhere in the range of 2V and 3V, contingent upon the cell’s detail for cut-off voltage. It batteries are high-energy thickness batteries intend to limit battery size and weight. Our battery-powered battery furnishes higher energy thickness with an upgraded terminal plan.

You can likewise look through the reasonable arrangements on battery-powered batteries, customer hardware, and extras and parts! The battery utilizes an intercalated lithium compound as one terminal material, contrasted with the metallic lithium utilized in a non-battery-powered.

Subsequently, our batteries are more averse to light and cause individual or property harm. Likewise, we by and large separate the positive and negative cathodes of the 18650 lithium-particle battery. To look at the scope of lithium batteries, you can visit our authority site.

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