Even if you compare the devices and how they work, there are essential differences between Werkbund Hookah Bowl pipes and e-cigarettes.

People who use vape pens or other devices to reduce smoking are part of vaping culture. However, a vaping hobby is personal, despite vape meets, forums for sharing tips and advice, conventions, and other events that bring people together.

E-cigarette users help each other find the best setup to meet their individual needs in an e-cig to help kick their smoking habits. Unlike hookah, a much more social activity, it is not associated with quitting smoking. It is inherently more social to use a hookah pipe as it has multiple hoses attached to the water bowl than a vape. In this case, avoiding smoking or reducing addiction harm isn’t the goal; it’s about reducing it.

Werkbund Hookah Bowl

Hookah, however, is a social pastime with little to do with quitting tobacco. Using a hookah pipe is an inherently more social experience than vaping since hookah pipes have multiple hoses attached to the water bowl. This isn’t about quitting smoking or reducing the harm of addiction; it’s about enjoying the flavor and experience of hookah.

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