Sometimes the self-defense weapon you carry is so distinctive that a custom-molded holster is required. Alternately, you can have a particular set of needs that a business’s normal inventory can’t provide.

Fortunately, there are numerous custom holster choices on the market right now. Holster manufacturers provide this service if you require Custom Holsters for your concealed-carry firearm.

We make tailoring Custom Gun Holsters to a particular firearm easier than it otherwise may be.

• Determine Your Needs
• Custom Holster Tips
• Adjust the retention, cant, and ride height
• Tighten your screws
• Check the fit and comfort
• Wear it with your gun belt
• Keep it clean
• Kydex Holsters

Inform Blackhillsleather.Com Of Your Interest In Custom Holsters.
To satisfy the needs of gun owners, we, as a Custom Leather Gun Holsters manufacturer, constantly work to carry as many IWB and OWB holster alternatives as we can.

Call us, and we’ll go through your alternatives for custom molding and our other high-quality goods and extras.

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