Dinnerware and serveware need to be clean and maintained with particular care. It would be a wonderful idea if you could clean it with regular dish washing soap.

It is suggests that you wash them with a soft sponge. This is because shiny serveware and tableware wan’t be scratch by soft scrubbers.

To prevent cracks, it would be fantastic if tableware and other hard serve ware could be keet apart from glassware products.

Tips For Maintaining Serving Ware

1.    Rinse the leftovers out before washing the serving utensils.
2.    Use a plastic dishpan or a rubber sink mat to prevent the glasses from shattering.
3.    To remove grease and stains, combine vinegar and water and thoroughly rinse the mixture before using.
4.    After cleaning, wipe off the serveware with delicate towels dipped in oil. Use a different cloth to buff as well.
5.    Combine cornstarch and water to create a paste that you may use to polish tarnished silver. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the waste once it has dried.

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