In creating a video for 3D Interior Rendering, post-production for animation is the final step. CG artists finish off presentations by adding final touches. A 3D video’s visual appeal and atmosphere can be make or broken by fine-tuning tiny yet vital details during post-production.

3D Interior Rendering

Where can we find those details?

In submitting a brief for 3D artists, how can you ensure you get them right?

A stunning animation is something we know exactly how to do as an architectural visualization studio. So check out these 5 post-production techniques in Exterior Rendering for a presentation that will blow your clients away!

3D Interior Rendering

Extending the list

After all major elements of the animation, such as the building and its basic environment, are complete, compositing begins. By adding secondary items, a CG artist creates a story. People, plants, animals, cars, decor elements, and so on can be include in this category. The narrative must shape by all of them working together.

3D Interior Rendering

Applying VFX

There is more to architectural 3D animation than the flashy explosions one might see in a movie. VFX is mainly use in archive videos to animate small intricate movements. For example, wind gusts can affect trees or people’s hair, liquids can flow, flames in a fireplace can move, and fabric can move.

3D Interior Rendering

Color Correction

The final and most important step in post-production for animation is to correct brightness, saturation, and contrast. 3D animation, like all visual arts, relies heavily on color. Even the slightest changes in this aspect can alter how 3D videos feel and make them more or less appealing. Therefore, CG artists strive to make colors as realistic and vibrant as possible.

Exterior Rendering

Using After Effects

It is use in post-production for animating 3D videos to make them look as realistic and lifelike as possible. CG artists adjust the camera and matrix settings to mimic real footage. CGI experts first use camera lens effects:

1.focus change,

2.color aberration,

3.sun flare,

4.diffusion, etc

A matrix setting such as blur or noise is then manipulate after that.

Exterior Rendering

Added Music and Text

A company logo and music can be added as the final touches in post-production. A good soundtrack can make the animation feel more alive. For example, when presenting an architectural project, it is advisable to use a soft and subtle melody that will not distract the audience.

Exterior Rendering

A 3D animation’s music should match its mood. Otherwise, the impression might be ruined. With CG, a CG artist can match the most dramatic part of the soundtrack to the most powerful scene in a 3D video.

A voice-over can be added to animation to make it more informative, alone or in conjunction with music. It is also possible to include subtitles. These can be used to follow a voice-over, show the names of properties being presented, or provide additional information.

Exterior Rendering

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