Want to go to Mental Health Evaluation Centers for Atlanta Psychiatry Services? There are similarities and differences between the roles performed by therapists and psychiatrists. Whether or not you seek one or the other, or both, you may make a decision for yourself or one that you discuss with your primary care doctor.

Psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe medications, while therapists cannot. Atlanta Psychiatry Services can prescribe medication as well as therapeutic talk therapy, but therapists cannot. If you want to take medication, a therapist can refer you to a psychiatrist, but they cannot prescribe it themselves.

Psychiatrists may be able to help you manage your mental health through medication if you know from the outset that you wish to control it with medication. For example, the patient may decide to begin talking therapy with a therapist and add medication to it, or the patient may only start therapy and never see a psychiatrist. The goal doesn’t have to be clear before you begin.

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For more information about what treatment combination is best for you, you can ask your doctor or contact nakunion.org.

Medicating vs. not medicating

You may not always know the best mental health treatment for you. Considering medication as a treatment for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or ADHD is something mental health counselors will recommend to their patients from time to time. Other conditions, however, such as depression or anxiety, may be treated primarily through therapy. In addition, people with multiple mental health concerns may benefit from both therapy and medication, depending on their needs.

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Nakunion.org provides a person-centered approach to mental health care. With Zoom, a confidential video-conferencing platform, clients can connect with their mental health counselors remotely via video counseling. You can get more information about our services on call.

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