The ideal way to promote your company, association, or club is through patches. There are countless options, and your imagination is your only constraint.

This post will focus on selecting Leather Jacket Patches and cover all the pertinent details, such as sizes, measurements, and the various backing options.

Leather Jacket Patches

Choosing Patches For Jackets

• When selecting the ideal patch, there are many considerations to keep in mind. The kind of patch is one of the most crucial factors:
• Sewing variously colored threads make embroidered patches into a base fabric. The most conventional patch design is this one. However, they can be produce in practically any size or shape.
• Dye Sublimation patches are quite contemporary and produce patches with an almost photographic polish.
• Combination patches combine dye sublimation and embroidery processes to give you the best of both worlds.
• Woven patches work well for intricate designs. Instea of embroidering threads into a substrate, they are make by weaving threads together to produce the patch.
• Consider the size of the jackets and how noticeable you want the patch to be when selecting a patch for your club or company’s uniform. For instance, a motorcycle club might use a male patch 12 inches long and a female patch 9 inches long. It can be measure as follows:
• To check that your design will fit correctly, place it over the region of the jacket first.
• Add the patch’s length and breadth, and then divide the result by two. You can determine the size of your patch using this.
• When selecting the appropriate size, keep in mind the average body size of the group wearing the patch.

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