Quartz crucibles make silicon metal in semiconductor wafer and poly silicon manufacturing. A crucible is heat to high temperatures to produce high-quality wafers. A single crystal is then extract from the melt. In either case this process requires high purity and high-temperature materials, which fused quartz has.


Natural sand is use to manufacture Fused Quartz Crucibles that are worth using. By all means Crucibles feature a high gloss internal surface and white granular outer surface. Silicon single crystals are typically grown using them. Quality standards are meet by manufacturing and developing quartz crucibles and lids with high-quality raw materials and advance technology.

What are the applications of our silicons, and do they serve as essential components for our customers? As an additive to various products, silicons are generally use to enhance characteristics such as resistance, lubrication, adhesion, and viscosity.

By all means Several high-technology industries rely on the quartz, ceramic, and crystal products we manufacture in our QUARTZ division, which are typically make to precise specifications.

Various consumer and industrial applications can be develop using these materials solutions.

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