Mzlcleaning offers the most comprehensive range of compact Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine and Tile Floor Cleaning Machine in the cleaning equipment industry.

Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine

There are a variety of compact scrubbers available, from mzlcleaning, from walk-behind units to ride-on models, each available with a different scrubbing width, tank size, and runtime to suit your exact requirements.

You can clean congested areas more efficiently with mzlcleaning’s Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine for the following 6 reasons:

Tile Floor Cleaning Machine
  1. Result-oriented

With their small designs, these compact scrubbers can easily fit into tight spaces for cleaning and are ten times faster than mopping and buckets.

  1. Improved safety and appearance

The brush or pad of compact scrubbers vigorously scrubs the floor while applying the cleaning solution. In addition, the vacuum squeegee thoroughly extracts the soiled solution, leaving the surface completely dry and extremely clean, greatly reducing the possibility of slips and falls.

  1. Ergonomic and easy to use

Each compact scrubber features an ergonomic handle and a very intuitive control panel.

  1. Storage-friendly

The compact scrubbers’ small size greatly simplifies storage and transportation. In addition, unlike walk-behind compacts, they have handles that can be fold down so they can be easily fitted in cars or corners.

  1. Running time optimization

With long-lasting batteries, compact scrubbers can clean larger jobs without requiring a charge, allowing larger jobs to be complete faster.

  1. Dumping and filling are easy

Dumping and filling the removable tanks on walk-behind compact scrubbers is easy. As well as simplifying filling, the rider scrubber has a built-in fill hose.

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