Nigeria,September 16th, 2022: When you hear about Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is the slave trade, undoubtedly, that was a tragedy but then, we have to get rid of that history and empower the continent. Here the right education matters a lot but then the system is outdated and you have to embrace new ways which is STEM education.

If you are wondering what is Stem Education, then you should take a look at the conversation that we had with the manager of GetBundi, an education center that is aiming to give Science, Technology,Engineering, and mathematics,which means STEM, here is what they say.

A paradigm shift in the mindset:

The fact of the matter is that Stem Education in Schools is vital because the old education does not prepare them for the job market, we ensure that we take that responsibility into our hands and empowerthe continent

The Stem Education in Schools that we offer is aimed at also including girls and women who are long been neglected,we want to create a just world and create wealth through better training and education,he added

Be part of the change:

The fact is that whether you are a pro-educationist or a teacher, you can contribute to the development of STEM,you can contribute to our efforts by joining us. He said, “There is a future out here for everyone on this continent. There are numerous things that you can do here, from teaching to creating course structures, and more.”

STEM education

The fact is that it is time, you look at new ways of empowering Africa and that should start from here. The point is if you think what is Stem Education has to offer, then it is time to join them and we think that these are the right guys to make you understand.

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3A, Shola Oguntade Close, Lekki Phase 1
Lekki Nigeria.
Tel; +234 90 4404 0222

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