Full-height turnstiles have special benefits. First, it is frequently employee in places with stricter controls, primarily in industries, construction sites, jails, businesses, and institutions.

Full height turnstiles can drill persons under the pole . And these an efficient way to close channel management flaws in tripod turnstiles and Access Control Turnstile Gates. In addition, full-height turnstiles have a higher turnstile, which improves their ability to prevent drilling and climbing. Full-height turnstile benefits:

1) Versatility: An intelligent IC card can authorize a card multiple times. Which can be use for other aspects of application management. It also has the characteristics of versatility, confidentiality, no wear and tear, ease of operation, etc. Which greatly improve the practicability of the system.

2) Convenient and quick: All require to manage personnel in and out is to place. The IC card in the induction region and give it a tiny shake. The equipment responds in less than 0.1 seconds.

3) Data transmission security: By all means to guarantee the security and stability of data transfer. The transmission mode includes a two-way handshake protocol.

A successful entrance control plan still relies on Full Height Turnstile as the industry standard. Architects and designers can offer a seamless security experience and attractively enhance any lobby. Why wait then? Call us right away: https://www.turnstiledoors.com/

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