Two coated aluminium sheets are connecte to a polyethylene (PE) core to form a three-layer sandwich panel known as ACM Aluminium Composite Material. For indoor or outdoor applications that require good dimensional stability little weight, and a sleek, shining look, aluminium composite material panels are fantastic.

ACM Aluminium Composite Material

For visual merchandising, framing, archiving, commercial interiors and exteriors, building, and legal art applications, aluminium composite metal panels are attractive and profitable. They are only half as heavy as aluminium yet being sturdy and lightweight.

Modern building facades, modular kitchens, signage, and interiors all use cladding materials like aluminium composite panels (or facades).

It is available in a variety of hues and textures, such as 3D, wood, stone, and sand. It can also be bent, folded, and shape in ways that no other substance can. The ACP sheet allows greater creative licence as a result, making it a designer’s paradise.

Aluminum composite panels are use in today’s building and construction sector. Because of its inherent traits and benefits, it is use for a variety of interior and exterior application sectors, winning over architects and interior designers.

We’d like to go into more depth about its benefits so that you are not only convince of what it has to offer but also able to view it as more than just a gorgeous thing, even though personalising it is entirely easy and doable.

Aluminum panels are a must-have for many reasons and a great way to add elegance and contemporary to your space. The top benefits of employing ACM are list below.


The most important factor in any construction attribute is durability. Durability is the fundamental advantage of building work.

Given that aluminium panels have a 30-year lifespan, which is nearly as long as the average age of a modern building, they are the perfect choice for an architect or developer. Three sheets are use to reinforce the sheets, resulting in a small, strong construction that may be shape to fit particular needs or sizes.

3mm Aluminum Composite Panel


The cost of ACP sheets is cheap when compared to other materials. Due to their endurance, these sheets offer the finest value for the money. The ACP sheets have a number of useful benefits, namely protection from temperature, sound, and wind. Lower energy expenses are also a result of these characteristics.

• Protection Against Fire

An inflammable and noncombustible metal, aluminium can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius before melting. The best result for fire safety is provided by this aluminium composite panel.

Easy Installation

Aluminum stands out for its suitability for customisation, which makes installation straightforward. Due to its versatility, aluminium is a desirable building material that can be bent, punched, drilled, and profiled.

Because AC panels come in practically infinite sizes and shapes, they are used for cladding, installation, and facades in building.

The Final Talk

The most flexible material is ACP sheet, which enables designers to produce designs that would be either too difficult or impossible to produce with other cladding materials. This modern cladding material provides a number of technological and practical advantages over traditional and other materials.

It’s transportable. It is simple to use and pleasantly adjustable. Installation of the 3mm, Aluminum Composite Panel is quick and simple. It is durable, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. Furthermore, it offers a better variety of colours and textures.

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