The history of cylindrical rubber fenders is extensive. However, cylindrical Rubber Fenders are straightforward, adaptable, and simple to install.

They are perfect for docks that serve both large and small vessels because of their gradual reaction, particularly for the upper protection of gravity quay walls.

The first type of Cylinder Rubber Fender and Anchor Marine Fenders to be produce with a specific performance was a cylindrical fender. Using chains, bars, ropes, or brackets made specifically for ladders makes for an easy way to install something properly.

A benefit that leads to softer berthing is their corresponding rise in reaction force and energy absorption up to the rated deflection.

Cylindrical Rubber Fender Features & Applications


1.   Low hull pressure, moderate energy absorption, and low reactivity.
2.   Simple installation and upkeep.
3.  By all means adaptable to the pitch and roll of berthing vessels.
4.    Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal installation.


1.    By all means fishing and work boat berths
2.    Bulk cargo berths
3.   General cargo quays
4.    Pontoons and floating structures Tough places works hard to support the success of its clients. By all means we can provide the finest solution for unfeasible delivery alternatives. However, this can be possible because of the expertise of our experts.

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