In addition to offering a broad range of Body Shaping Machine, we are recognize as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in this field.

By all means Body slimming machines are widely use for giving body shape and slimming.

Coupled with These machines are manufacture according to industry standards by utilizing high-quality components with the help of ultra-modern technology. Aside from that, these Slimming Machines feature LCD screens and buttons that can be operate with a fingertip.

A piece of professional equipment, Ultrasound Cavitation, slims and contours the body, uses multiple technologies, including vacuum suction massage, infrared laser resolving light.

And radio frequency thermal is approve for reducing cellulite effectively.


  1. Reshape your body with the latest vacuum suction massage technology
  2. Cellulite reduction and skin tightening with radio frequency
  3. Infrared laser light for fat resolving
  4. Four different handles for varying treatment purposes.
  5. Control panel with a colorful touch screen
  6. Reduces fat and shapes your body without downtime or side effects

Body shaping machines for slimming

In addition to performing several different treatments, the Beauty Equipment is a versatile appliance. Up to 24 pads can be connect through 12 electronic outlets to apply the total or local treatment.

Being that the body machines intramuscular simulator units are ideal for passive exercise and muscle. The rejuvenation treatments owing to their convenience, precision, and safety features above all machine.

Being that the machine provide a result of the diversity of techniques, such as individual frequency and intensity controls, any type of treatment can be customize with Beauty Machine.

Above all Fscheffery has highly regard super laser in the field of medical cosmetology in terms of product style, quality, price.

And comprehensive advantages to achieve excellent cost performance in the field of medical cosmetology, thereby enabling.

Being that The Body slimming machines are enterprise to develop steadily and healthily in a fierce market competition environment. The company’s products are widely use in dermatology, plastic surgery departments, and large and medium beauty salons.

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