Your perfect kitchen wouldn’t be complete without handles and knobs! Knowing your alternatives is essential before choosing the appropriate handles, knobs, or finishes for your Kitchen Drawer Pull doors, Kitchen Drawer Pulls, Kitchen Cupboard Door Handles, etc.

Kitchen Drawer Pull

Kitchen Cabinet Handle Types

You must choose the best handles for your cabinets, cupboards, and Kitchen Drawer Pull that perfectly match the arrangement of your kitchen because kitchen door handles can vary in style, shape, and finish.


Handleless drawers, cabinets, and cupboards are installe with a push-to-open mechanism, making it easy for you to open and close the doors with the highest ease. Handleless cabinets, drawers, and cupboards are popular with homeowners who want modern and ultramodern kitchens.

Edge Profile

Edge profile handles are a great alternative for giving your kitchen a clean, modern appearance. Its handles are hollow channel bars fixed to the drawer’s edge. To use one, you insert your fingers into the hollow region. In addition, they provide the appearance that the cabinets don’t have handles since they protrude slightly, giving the room a streamlined appearance that is perfect for contemporary and modern kitchens.

Cabinet Pulls

Those who appreciate old aesthetics favor cabinet knobs. Knobs are in the opening corner of a cabinet door and are round in shape. Additionally, they come in a variety of flower and animal shapes.

Knobs complement elaborate cabinet doors well, but they are not a good choice because drawers have a smaller surface area. Additionally, knobs are prone to becoming loose with continued use; as a result, you should regularly check them to ensure they are securely fastened.

Handles for cups

Choose cup handles if you want to get a more vintage look. Cup pull handles are sturdy and designed for large, heavy drawers and cabinets. They emit a sophisticated, old-fashioned impression, whether they are finished in brushed gold or antique brass.

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