Nobody takes a drawer out of a cabinet for no reason. Either something gets jammed behind it, or the drawer itself wobbles. A drawer with full extension slides Might be challenging to remove. Particularly given that you are probably already annoyed that you have to do it.

However, removing a Cabinet Drawer Slides with Full Extension Drawer Slides is simple if you know the method.

• Empty the drawer before attempting to remove it, even though you might be tempted not to. The drawer will be easier to move if it contains less weight.
• After emptying the drawer, fully remove it from the cabinet.
• Take a look at the drawer’s side. Look closely at the guide that allows the extension to glide in and out of the cabinet. In addition, you should observe a lever or push tab on each side of the drawer slide.
• Pull the drawer carefully after engaging the levers. Take care that you will probably need to pull up on one of the levers while pushing down on the other. You can easily remove the drawer from the cabinet by pulling both levers to release the drawer slides.

All Undermount Drawer Runners are now at ease. You know the most effective techniques for removing cabinet drawers with full extension slides.
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