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Complete Guide to Tweed & how to wear them

Tweed is one of the fabrics that everyone knows and uses. It might seem old-fashioned but looks amazing. The professional personnel require country squires and conservative politicians. One of the noblest – and most impressive – clothes in menswear not only for its surprising utility but also for the way it carries colour and texture. It’s no surprise that menswear designers in recent decades have never thought of it as fusty or fuddy-duddy as the average man harris Tweed Suit UK.

Weave it in more vibrant colours, and tailor it with minimal stuffing, and tweed is a very modern fabric. Harris Tweed Suit UK for its aristocratic connotations and an original workwear fabric, and a highly functional one.

Harris Tweed Suit UK

Harris Tweed Suit UK. That’s just as well because tweed originated in 18th century Scotland – ‘tweed’ is said to have come from a misreading of ‘tweel’ in 1826, Scottish for ’twill’ – where the peasantry is woven this dense woollen cloth at home to provide sturdy protection for those who worked the land. Only later did those who owned the land. As well as their similarly wealthy holidaymakers and estate buyers from down south, begin to wear it. Appreciating tweed for its melange of heather and gorse country shades as much as its utility.

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