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Experience the Best MOB Hookah in different ways

The widespread use of MOB hookah across the globe has gained popularity in unexpected ways. The group of friends chilling with a sheesha and drinks in hand to enjoy the moment single-handedly. The types of hookah with multiple and single hoses, modern and Egyptian to deliver the exemplary experience.

The hookah seems simple to smoke but it’s a huge deal when preparing one with the right amount of water, flavor to get the smoke that spins the head and leave the mouth with an exciting taste. There are certain ways where you can experience the best hookah with some tips.

● When making a hookah, add ice in the bottle or cold water. It is advisable never to fill it with hot water as the smoke burns it gets hotter. The fresh taste requires chilled water for a refreshing smoke that immediately lightens up the mood.
● Take the natural coal from the market rather than investing in magic  coals or any artificial coal that burn down the flavor leads to a harsh headache after a smoking session. Break the coal into smaller pieces and light it to retain the better smoke for a longer period.