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Enjoy the Ambiance of The Best Restaurant Dubai UAE

A restaurant’s ambiance plays a key role in defining a diners’ perception of your restaurant, as it ties together the dining experience, the service, and the environment.

As part of the lighthouse.ae’s mission to bring authentic, undiluted experiences, we’ve introduced a unique dining experience that emulates the region’s flavors. In addition to providing healthy food, homestyle cooking allows you to enjoy the local delicacies throughout your stay.

Why choose thelighthouse.ae?


As a best restaurant dubai uae, we love what we do! It’s why we come to work every day, to solve client problems and create inspiring work environments that fulfill our clients’ visions.

Best Restaurant Dubai UAE


Why not take the time to enjoy ourselves while working together for the majority of the week? In creating the culture, we have attracted like-minded people to our family, passionate about what we do and who share our vision of delivering the best workspaces with a smile.


We love to push the boundaries of design and innovation with our designers to create flexible, fun work environments that meet our clients’ needs and allow their staff and customers to thrive and enjoy.

The ambience

We invest time and money in the perfect atmosphere. So choose your theme early on and stick to it, ensuring that everything in our restaurant fits the theme, from the decorations to the tables to the music you play.

Best Restaurant Dubai UAE

Do you want to come to our restaurant to have dinner? Then, why not come today and enjoy your special occasion having a delicious dinner at our restaurant.

Want to know more about our services? You can visit our site – thelighthouse.ae! You can also contact us to book your table.

If you want to order food online, thelighthouse.ae is also serving you by offering online food delivery.

Join the best restaurant dubai uae today!

Contact Us:

Business Name: The Lighthouse
Address: Dubai Design District Corner of Building 6
P.O. Box 333285
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

The Light House Offer Online Vegan Foods in UAE

The Light House offers you the best, most affordable & nutritious vegan food, personal care items, cosmetics, amongst others in UAE. Our aims to grow awareness of and support local plant-based business owners and the growing interest in plant-based food in Dubai. We make super easy for you to order your Order Vegan Food Online UAE with a stunning selection of vegan products. We are another relatively new online marketplace that is making it easier than ever to shop for all of your favourite vegan products in one place. Our products provide the protein & taste but are healthier & cruelty free.

If you need Online Food Delivery in Dubai, then you can come to us. We offer easy way to order the food online at UAE. We promise you fresh and delicious readymade vegan meals plans, juice and other recipes. We can help to order a contemporary vegetarian restaurants brand and a perfect destination for all day dining and entertaining, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Order Vegan Food Online UAE

We are focusing to provide the best vegan food for the people of UAE. We help vegan people to find the best food around the UAE. From us, you always find the best vegetarian food with good taste and flavour. We make online food orders easier for you in UAE. With us, you can enjoy the best taste and quality food together. We are committed to provide excellent food at the best price.

We can provide you with different restaurant menus where you can order online food for that you can enjoy the best food with your family or friends. Moreover, we also provide discounts and coupons for food ordering.

We are here to help the people who are vegetarian and hard to find vegetarian food in UAE. We ensure you for the quality food and try to provide fresh and tasty food. To know more about us, you can visit our official website anytime.

The Most Reliable Online Vegan Food Delivery In UAE

As a country, UAE is famous for its multicultural society and variety of cuisines. In this country, you would find an unlimited number of restaurants and food joints for a feast. Unfortunately, due to pandemics many of these restaurants have stopped their dining service now. However, one restaurant chain The Lighthouse is still operational and they are offering Online Food Delivery in Dubai for convenience. During the peak of the pandemic, they were operational and allowed people to Order Food online UAE.

Why Order Food Online At The Lighthouse?

• Fast delivery

You will always get fast delivery when you use Online Food Delivery in Dubai. They have a big food distribution network that works rapidly. With a big number of food delivery boys, most of the time your will reach your house within 30 minutes.

Online Food Delivery in Dubai

• Fresh food

This restaurant uses the best ingredients for food preparation. They never use any leftovers from the previous day. You will always get fresh food when you Order Food online UAE. Thanks to its freshness, every food of this restaurant are healthy too.

• Vegan Food

Vegan people often find difficulty when they arrive in UAE. Besides, This country has very few vegan restaurants. You can get vegan food at your home by using Order Vegan Food Online UAE. It is one of the best places for authentic vegan food.

For good health, always try to eat healthy food. Through the online system of this restaurant, you will get the best healthy option for eating.

Read more about how to Find yummy food with Top Dubai Restaurant 2021

Find yummy food with Top Dubai Restaurant 2021

We people are surrounded by the evolving technology in our everyday life. Due to the advent of technology, our life becomes simple and easier. Businesses are also adopting new and innovative techniques. Simultaneously, the Top Dubai Restaurant 2021 has grown immensely due to the increasing demand for food orders in the past few years. 

Almost, every restaurant facilitating food ordering service to its customers. Still, many are facing issues with the current online food orders. If you are having the same problem, you may check out our website. We are amongst the Top Dubai Restaurant 2021 . Do you know, why? Read on.

Top Dubai Restaurant 2021

No risk of losing orders:-

With our online food delivery system, there is no risk of losing orders. The application will alert you on every single order. You will also be responsible to manage orders and track your daily orders accordingly. However, there is no space for human errors in the completely integrated ordering system.

High liquidity:-

You can manage your restaurant functioning more efficiently with the restaurant ordering tracking software. Also, you can notify the customers about their orders. Besides, you can also prepare a report monthly or weekly wise. It’s just a click away.

The customers can easily order their favorite food from the premises of their home. However, it cuts down the miscommunication between the two. Reserve your Order Food online UAE now and enjoy the delicious food.

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