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Why is Optical Bonding Slim LCD Digital Signage worth buying?

With their optically bonded displays, outdoor-lcd-signage.com offers industrial monitors and panel PCs that reduce glare, prevent condensation, increase durability and resistance.

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Before purchasing the Optical Bonding Slim LCD Digital Signage, let’s look at optical bonding and its features.

What is Optical Bonding?

This process involves applying resin between the glass or touch screen and the LCD panel of a monitor. This will form a solid laminate without any gaps or air pockets. In selecting a screen for any project, you need to consider the operating conditions and the screen’s environment. Designed to withstand any type of application, industrial-grade screens and PCs include all types of features. Optically bonded screens are one such feature.

Benefits of optical bonding

Light from an LCD monitor is refracted through the gap and into the outer glass of a non-optically bonded monitor. When light passes through the gap in the screen and the glass, it bends, and some of it is reflected to the LCD module, a process known as refraction. The refraction through the layers reduces the brightness and readability of the final image and the intensity and clarity. The LCD module and glass are bonded together, eliminating interruptions and chances for light to reflect back. As a result, the image is brighter because more light reaches the surface of the screen.

1. It makes screens more physically durable

2. It increases accuracy

3. It prevents condensation.

4. It increases durability

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