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What is Hume Hookah & Japona Bowl?

MY HOOKAH is the largest and known hookah shop in Canada. We provide a great variety of premium quality hookahs like Hume Hookah, Japona Bowl, German Hookahs, and many more at affordable rates. We are one of the leading distributors of top-quality hookah brands all over the world. The company manufactures its own cups and offers firewood, heat managers, hoses, and other accessories.

What is Hume Hookah?

HUME hookahs are distinguished by their quality manufacturing materials and minimalist style.
Combined with wood and stainless Steel, your new Hume Hookah offers us brutal performance and aesthetics.
This chamber enables us to empty the base slightly because of its traditional chamber and impressive purge.
Hume Hookah has a vertical purge at 45º. This will help to achieve a very visual effect in hume hookah.
It includes:

  1. Resin neck
  2. Wood neck
  3. Chamber made of Steel
  4. Steel plate
  5. Steel nozzle
  6. Steel connector
  7. Dip Tube made of Steel

What is Japona Bowl?

Japona Hookah Bowls are manufactured in Canada. The bowls are handmade of red clay and are decorated with colored cords of wax. Each batch is limited, making them extremely desirable to hookah-lovers around the globe.
Japan Hookah Killer hookah bowls are made of red clay and designed to bring out the flavor of shisha. They have large holes and a flat bottom to bring out the best shisha flavor.

Why choose My Hookah to buy the best quality hookah?

Our Shisha passion

Do you think why Hookah is so special in Canada and beyond!
A Shisha is not a hobby, habit, or addiction. It is a way of life, a way of life that is rooted in passion and devotion.
The Hookah is more than a way to smoke. It is a way to bring people together. It is one of the philosophies that form a way of life that is shared with the world. And it is exactly that which we want to share through our products with the world.

Featuring a wide variety of hookahs, accessories, and hookah tobacco that satisfy every taste and style, the Hookah experts at Hookah.com are dedicated to sharing their love and knowledge about hookahs with people worldwide.

Share the Culture

In addition to expanding the shisha community, we foster a genuine passion for shisha. If you are interested in opening a new shisha lounge, our tailored consultation service may prove useful, and we are happy to assist whenever necessary. Furthermore, our wholesale business extends beyond Hong Kong, and we are open to collaborating with any shisha lounge in Asia.

Educate the Customers

Our well-trained and experienced staff welcomes every customer as a dear friend and is fully committed to providing you with a personalized shisha experience as well as answering all of your questions. Our professional crew will handle everything from set-up to mixology, ensuring your shisha experience will be one to remember.
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