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AATECH New Nano material panel lightcan kill virus(Covid-19,H1N1…)

The LED nano material light has three kinds of antiseptic and antiviral mechanisms, offer you 24H all-weather protection against bacteria and virus with and without light.

Nanomaterial Purifier

The new nano-composite material is a new type of nano-composite surface treatment and environmentally friendly non-toxic material designed to provide general indoor environmental needs. UV Disinfection Germicidal Light has self-cleaning, ultra-high temperature resistance (below 500℃), high hardness, antibacterial, anti-viral, air purification, and removal of the environment. Pollution, highly functional surface treatment environmentally friendly material solution.

Antivirus LED Panel Light

Excellent anti-fouling, self-cleaning & deodorization & Germicidal Light & anti-bacterial & LED Germ Killing Disinfection Lighting & anti-viral &removal of pollution (formaldehyde) in the environment, TVOC & Nanomaterial Purifier with excellent adhesion, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and other characteristics.

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There are some LED Nano material panel lights:-

Nanomaterial Purifier
Antivirus LED Panel Light
Sanitizing Light
germicidal lighting for disinfection
Hospital LED Wall Light
Germicidal Light