The integral winding process is use to create wrapped Pneumatic Rubber Fender. Its functionality complies with ISO 17357. Compared to molded Yokohama fenders, the cost is significantly lower.

The top perks of pneumatic rubber fenders are list below. Do you wish to learn about Rubber Fender? Continue to read…Pneumatic Rubber Fender.

1) Adaptable to The Tide-

It is flexible to the tidal range and ship’s vertical movement. However, the Tide Float floats freely on the water.

2) Against Shearing Force-

A strong tire cord reinforces fenders to protect them from combined shearing forces sufficiently.

3) Affordable Installation-

The fender is easily moored with a man rope or chain. It is simple to transport to a suitable jetty or pier.

4) Adaptive Soft Force-

Even in increased load, the response force does not rise significantly.

5) 15-Degree Incline Berthing-

At inclined compression up to 15 degrees, the energy absorption of the pneumatic fender does not diminish.

6) Decreased Mooring Forces-

Even in inclement weather, this fender safely protects ships and mooring facilities.

7) Ship Cost Reduction-

The fenders are typically cleaned and folded before being packed and transported in containers or pallets.

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