Fseking.com is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Pad Printer Closed Ink Cup Hard Steel Ring and all corresponding supplies. In addition, we provide excellent customer support and service worldwide.

Product Description:

  1. An essential component of the closed ink cup strong steel ring is hard due to the use of tungsten steel, which has good abrasion resistance.
  2. If you want the ink cup in black, leave your message; the pricing will remain the same.
  3. Please give buyer information or inquire on this detail page if you need a special size.
  4. We will attach the cup and the ring simultaneously not to cause problems when you use them.
  5. Kindly visit our store if you require any additional pad printer accessories.
  6. The products will be sent to you quickly after you place your order, and we’ll do everything we can to

ensure your satisfaction. Discover a selection of Fseking.com‘s Pad Printer Closed Ink Cup Hard Steel Ring. As previously said, Fseking.com is a pioneer in producing Pad Printer Closed Ink Cup Hard Steel Ring. In addition, many of our ink cups are covered with a specialized ink-resistant material.

Learn more about how we created our machines and how we still produce them now.

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