Stainless steel sheets are versatile and Brushed stainless steel sheet used in various applications. The products are primarily select for their resistance to corrosion, longevity, and formability. Typical stainless steel sheet/plate uses include construction, food service applications, transportation, chemical, marine, and textile industries. Our stainless steel sheets have available in the 300, 400, and 200 series.

Brushed stainless steel sheets

Each type has its characteristics. The company has most popular grades are 304, which can be easily roll-forme or shape. It has excellent corrosion resistance and weldability; it is one of the most popular grades available. Brushed stainless steel sheet is an alloy that contains molybdenum which increases the corrosion resistance and is particularly effective in acidic environments as it provides more excellent resistance to pitting corrosion. The sheet has a variation of Brushed stainless steel sheets with the addition of titanium. As a result, the sheet has resistant to intergranular corrosion and has excellent weldability.

Brushed stainless steel sheet

It has a Brushed stainless steel sheet that offers good corrosion resistance and is predominately used in the domestic and catering industries. You can purchase the standard stock directly from our warehouse for next-day delivery, or we can cut your sheets down to size. Other grades are available on request. We are also a specialist manufacturer of metal jacketing and ancillary products. We have been active in producing, processing, and supplying metals to industries for over 20 years. To know more about sheet range, you can visit our website.

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