Copyright Law is playing an important role in the Intellectual Property system. It provides safety to the creative work.

Copyright Law is made to provide protection to the copyrighted work and ensure safety from infringement. It is likewise giving compensation in the form of infringement

Nonetheless, during the formation of the Copyright Act, advancement in technology had not progressed, and we didn’t enter the world where everything is available on the digital platform. With the coming of the advancement in technology, Copyright Act is ailing in resolving the issues being made in advanced transmission of data and innovation.

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Copyright Act in the digital world

With the advancement in technology, Copyright law is facing three main issues. Given below are these issues:

1. The first and the preeminent issue with the Copyright Act is that there are more violations of copyright work in the online platform. Unfortunately, the copyright Act doesn’t furnish compelling measures to manage such encroachments.Online violations are hard to recognize significantly because of security interests and laws, alongside public acknowledgment of digital copying. Hence, both situations will make Copyright laws considerably harder to implement.

2. The second significant issue with the digital era is that the copyright Act allows reasonable use. Under this Act, copying the work is allowed for private use. Accordingly, individuals can duplicate the copyrighted work for reasonable use and can distribute the work online without any approval. This will make it considerably harder for Copyright Act to forestall such unauthorized use.

3. The third issue with the Copyright regime is that Copyright Act gives a confined definition to the protected work. Consequently, copyright is now provided to any sort of online work. And, copyright work is not protected under the legal declarations.

What are the solutions to Copyright problems in the digital era?

• Anti-theft Technology and Contract:

With technology advances, it turns out to be hard for the market to ensure the protected work without a legitimate course. Furthermore, with the innovation truly extending and development made in each area, it ensures such work turns out to be considerably more significant. Hence, to overcome this, anti-theft technology and contracts are used to prevent users from copying the software and data of others.

• Legal Agreements:

When two parties work together, they have to share their confidential details and data. In such situations, legal agreements ensure that the other party has to erase or destroy all the details and data after their authoritative commitment is finished.


Technology is advancing day by day. So, according to technology advancement, legislation needs to alter the law with the current necessities. If such alterations are not done within the specified period, Copyright Law arrangements can not secure the owner’s work.

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