All around the nation, pedestal fans are becoming more and more popular. They are the perfect option for homes across the world due to their effective performance and quick cooling. These portable, quickly rotating fans can cool any room in your house.

However, before purchasing a Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan and Metal Blade Pedestal Fan, bear the following in mind!

1) Air Delivery

In CMM or Cubic Meter Per Minute, pedestal fans are renowned for their potent air delivery. This essentially denotes the amount of air that is expelled each minute. As a result, the strength of the breeze will increase with the amount of air the fan expels.

2) Speed

Different fan speeds are what cause the cooling that they produce. Rotations per minute, or RPM, are used to quantify this. Therefore, cooling occurs more quickly the quicker the fan spins.

3) Durability

The material that an 18 Inch Stand Fan is composed of is one of the key elements that determine its durability. Before making the purchase, consider the amount of use, the possibility of rusting, the necessity for maintenance, etc.

4) Size

It is crucial to consider the actual space a pedestal fan will take up in your home when making your choice. Always measure the sweep and height of the blades before placing your fan.

5) Noise Source

You must trade-off between performance and the silent factor when using heavy fans with higher output because they tend to generate more noise. Therefore, try to test the fans on various speed settings to see if they are noisy.

Therefore, we hope you will think about these factors before making a purchase to help in your decision. Then, check out the new line of pedestal fans from for a cheap yet effective cooling alternative!

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