If you are a building owner or construction company just finishing construction on a new facility or just going through the renovation blues, you need a superior janitorial cleaning company. A cleaning service that will prepare your building for its official Grand Opening. Once construction is complete, this janitorial company will thoroughly clean your walls, commercially clean all floors and partitions and provide carpet cleaning. In addition, they will carry a full array of traditional and certified janitorial supplies. Whatever your needs are, you want a commercial cleaning service that will make your facility move-in ready.

Fulfill your immediate needs

Post Construction Cleaning Services will prepare a tailored program to fulfill your immediate needs. You want to find a janitorial service with years of building solid business relationships and a superior record of accomplishment in customer service. Attention to detail, close supervision, adherence to deadlines and respond to customer needs make their office and commercial cleaning service excellent. In addition, they will go the extra mile to provide their customers with personal service.

Design a custom maintenance plan

Water Tank Cleaning Services will design a custom maintenance plan specifically tailored to your needs and will maintain your building to keep it looking brand new. In addition, they will assist you in finding the best solution to your property needs. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, they should have an experienced staff with advanced training on using all specific equipment with the latest technology available.

Trustworthy relationship with clients

Find an office cleaning company committed to building a trustworthy relationship with its clients. All staff undergoes a thorough background screening so that you can be assured of quality office cleaning and janitorial cleaning, and superior customer service. They should have a toll-free 24/7 customer service support number and will address your concerns day or night. They even provide an on-site logbook.

Scraped and dissolved from surfaces

When cleaning each room, start on one side and go from top to bottom, removing all dust and debris from walls, corners, and floors. Deposit all stray trash into the large black garbage bag and carry it as you go. Spray cleansers on windows and sliding doors, along with their tracks, after they’ve been vacuumed free of grime. Clean, wipe and polish all woodwork and trim with the appropriate product. Unlike a regular housecleaning session, new window and appliance stickers and label remnants must be scraped and dissolved from surfaces. Drawers and cabinets will also need to be vacuumed and wiped free of dust and dirt. Vacuum air conditioning and heating vents, wipe electrical covers and light switches, and sweep all thresholds.

Therefore, if you need a superior commercial cleaning company for any pre- or post-construction cleanup. The expert provides tailor-made plans for ongoing maintenance and janitorial service for your facility; look to a janitorial service company that takes great pride in a job well done.

By Team