Summary: The following press release explains the Featured characteristics of aluminum wall panels.

I want to present a few points about the aluminum wall panels to you today.

1.Little quality

Aluminum Wall Panels consist of aluminum and a relatively low-density plastic core. Therefore, the quality is lower than aluminum or other metals with the same rigidity or thickness.

2.Good rigidity

This aluminum plastic panel cleverly uses the mechanical principle. The aluminum-plastic composite panel is composited under high-temperature conditions, and the aluminum sheet is placed in two layers. As a result, as compared to a single-layer aluminum plate, it has a sizeable elastic limit of Honeycomb Core, is not easily deformed, and can maintain good flatness for a long time without any external force.

3.Rich color and good decorative effect

The aluminum-plastic panel’s layer can be dyed in a variety of colors. In addition, photocopying technology to simulate granite and wood grain can produce a pattern of fine detail and high quality, unlike a single color. Using the rich color, different architectural styles can adapt to a variety of environmental conditions.

4.Flat surface

Aluminum plastic composite panels are produced via the continuous thermal composite production process. Thus the surface flatness is higher than a metal sheet of a single material, especially for large sheets. This material is used for building decoration and has a flat, uniform appearance.

5.Excellent durability

Metal and core material thermal composite technology is used to make aluminum-plastic composite boards. The bond is firm, and the surface coating varies based on the type of materials used.

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