Delivering hi-tech health products is the main motto of our company, and for this, we are manufacturing intelligent machines like eye massager, waist massager, neck massager and many more. We are highly engaged in these fitness products and manufacture them by proper research and development. Muscle stimulator is our high-end product which is demanding because of its quality and voluntary training benefits.The machines uses an electrical current to cause a single muscle or a group of muscles to contract.

Rechargeable Mini EMS Wireless Muscle Stimulator

The electrical impulse never hurts you and makes your muscles contract to make you fit. Shenzhen Jianyikang Technology Co. Ltd has over ten years of experience, and our skilled workers are putting their efforts in well-equipped 4000 square meters of factory. We have a top-notch management system and corporate culture that is why our company has been loved worldwide.We use electrical stimulation to contract a single muscle or group of muscles.People can contact with us for quality and a-grade machines.

Electric muscle stimulator and other massaging and scrubbing products are well certified and thoroughly tested by the inspection team. Our research and development team delivers their best and helps our company to produce 6-8 news products every year. In this competitive market, we are giving the best well-designed and integrated products with an automated controlling system. Connect with us to get our product range and price list.

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