Fseking.com offers all types of Raw Materials for Aluminum Ink Cup and 2HARD Steel Ink Cup Rings.by and large Consumables like ink cups, which holds the ink that will be transference onto the application, So are an essential part of the pad printing process. Compared to We produce closed cups in various sizes for various pad printing machines.


1. Protects Ink from Dust and Impurities
2. Ensures Consistency in Ink Quality & Prevents Dryness of Ink
3. Gloss
4. Color Stability

5. Flexibility
6. Freedom from Remaining Odor

7. Heat Block Resistance
8. Abrasion Resistance
9. Scuff & Rub Resistance
10. Heat Resistance
11. Offers Long Life Considering Its Industrial Use
12. Saves Ink ( even if Compared to an Old Fashioned Open Inkwell Technology)
13. More Economical
14. Offers Long Life

Aluminum Ink Cups that are produce in compliance with industry requirements being that using high-quality raw materials. Due to their heat resistance characteristics, these inks are frequently utilize for surface printing applications.

by all means Aluminum foil and NC-bases surface printing applications are excellent uses for the ink we offer.

Couple with We create and offer Aluminum Foil Printing Ink with the aid of our qualified staff.

In a word We provide inks for aluminium foil printing that are helpful in printing operations.

Our selection of inks satisfies the necessary criteria for the inks to stick to the relevant surface due to . Coupled with Our ink line is praise for its superior print quality and great print density.

By all means a quality control system is implement and maintain throughout the production process, and the end product is also inspect for performance.

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