A criminal history check is the basis of most background checks and is used by most employers. There are many available types of criminal background checks. Before you choose for your organization, you must know how they differ.

Types of Criminal Background Checks

  • County court records search

An online county court search searches for records of convictions and pending criminal cases from the last seven years at the county level. Criminal background checks are heavily reliant on county court searches since they cover criminal activities in the candidate’s county of residence and can be extended to cover the candidate’s previous county or county of residence.

  • Federal court records search

There is no such thing as a federal court search because federal courts contain only criminal cases involving federal law and not violations of state law (which are recorded in county courts).

  • CrimeSweep state database search

A search of Corporate Screening’s own state database system, CrimeSweep, can reveal candidates’ convictions outside of their home states and workplace states inaddition, you can uncover any potential criminal records for state law violations across one or more states when you conduct this search beyond a single or multi-county court record search.

  • CrimeSweep sex offender search

A sex offender search using CrimeSweep refers to a database that compiles information from different registries and tribes’ land registries. This is especially useful when hiring employees to work with children, the elderly, or sick people.

CrimeSweep national search

CrimeSweep searches a vast nationwide database of county, state, and federal databases, including incarceration and police records. By checking criminal records sources outside the court system, this search increases the chances of uncovering criminal records.

  • Fingerprint search

Fingerprinting compares candidate’sRCMP Fingerprinting with a criminal fingerprint database; however, it is not all-inclusive like other checks.So In addition, national databases housing fingerprint data are not one hundred percent up-to-date and may not include every criminal case for a particular person. There are two main types of Fingerprinting Services:

  • electronic fingerprinting 
  • fingerprint criminal record research

These methods of Ink and Digital Fingerprintingcan be tailored to meet your budget, turnaround time, and automated needs.

  • Physical court search 

Physical court searches do not serve as a type of criminal background check but act to verify or confirm court search data. Physical court searches help confirm the “hits” from criminal records database searches, making them a valuable tool in criminal background check toolkits.

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